Distributive Learning Centers


Vision, Mission, Goals

Welcome to the Maine Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program!

This site provides an overview of the Maine Army National Guard's initiative to enhance the Maine National Guard's readiness by creating innovative training opportunities and blending them with technology and support the National Guard Bureau's Distributed Learning objectives by providing increased access to military training and education.


In essence, we promote the use of Distributed Learning Centers (DLCs) as a training and education tool, to improve efficiency for Command and Control related meetings or briefings. By using Maine's four conveniently located DL classrooms as a cost-effective means of training and communicating, it reduces travel time and risk of accidents, increases productivity, decreases TDY expenses, promotes more family opportunities.

Current Goals and Objectives of the Maine DL Program:


(1)  Internal promotion of classrooms for readiness, training, and command and control purposes


(2)  Align with NGB goals of providing Soldiers with flexible and certified alternative methods of instruction for Pre-and Post-Mobilization Training (PPMT) and other activities associated with mobilization during the Force Generation process


(3)  100% accountability of property and assets at all locations


(4)  Provide any technical support possible to the MEARNG Family Support and International Partnership Programs


(5)  Partner with RTI in order to develop suitable courses to be taught via classrooms


(6)  Train the RTI Instructors on how to use the DL Equipment and Classroom


(7)  Identify and implement technology solutions for training and command and control, including but not limited to:


  1. Pre-and Post-Mobilization Training (PPMT)


  1. DLC Training


  1. Functional area training


  1. Annual required briefings


  1. MOSQ DL phase requirements


  1. Commander’s Calls/Command Briefings


  1. Civilian Education & information

(h)     Directorate Staff meetings with unit participants


(i)   Develop Relations with FRG and Centers


(9)  Identify and Develop Shared Usage Relationships


  (10) Increase usage by 5%

More About the Program

Soldiers in Iraq

The Maine Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program is part of a federally funded National Guard initiative known as the Distributed Learning Program (DLP). The DLP fielded specially designed multimedia classrooms to all 54 States and territories, linked by a terrestrial network. They have also provided different types of classrooms to meet the needs of Soldier and Unit training requirements.