Upcoming Events


DATE                                                ORGANIZATON                                               EVENT

August 27                                         The Enchanted Dragon                                  Holistic Mystic Fair

September 3-4                                  Kennebec Rock & Mineral Club                     Gem & Mineral Show

September 24-25                              Midcoast Promotions                                    Gun Show

September 30- Oct 2                        Diddos For Kiddos                                          Consignment Sale

October 22 -23                                 Maine Made Crafts                                        Craft Fair

October 29                                       The Enchanted Dragon                                   Holistic Mystic Fair

November 26                                    Boy Scout Troop 604                                      Craft Fair

December 17-18                               Maine Made Crafts                                        Craft Fair                                         



DATE                                                ORGANIZATON                                               EVENT

November 19-20                              Maine Made Crafts                                        Craft Fair

December 10-11                               Maine Made Crafts                                        Craft Fair

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State Agency Rental Info

To better assist State Agencies in their selection when renting meeting space, the Maine Armory Rental Program has provided the following information.

Rental Locations & Info

Clicking on any of the links below will launch an information sheet in Portable Document Format (PDF) about the armory's rental space. If you do not have a PDF viewer on your computer, you may download a free PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.