ALL COVID-19 requests and coordination for the Maine Army National Guard must go through the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and your local County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). MEMA is the lead agency implementing Maine CDC's COVID-Plan.

Director of Military Support

The community relations program will remain an important aspect of our service to the great state of Maine and we hope to continue this tradition of service to our communities.

Due to the increase in Military Support Requests and the time it takes to process these requests, we will no longer be processing requests that are submitted less than 90 days prior to the requested date of execution. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes you or your organization.

**To request a form please email HERE 

Typical Support Requests

  • 195th Army Band (use request form below for band)
  • Static Equipment Displays (use request form below for display)
  • Honor Guard (use request form below for Honor Guard)
  • Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Click Here to learn more about IRT
    • Request for Innovative Readiness Training Civil-Military Partnership - Application [PDF]

For IRT requests, the requester must complete the application packet above and submit it along with the General Military Support Form below.

Eligible Organizations

  1. Any Federal, regional, State, or local governmental entity
  2. Youth and Charitable Organizations:
    • The Boys and Girls Scouts of America
    • The Boys Club of America
    • The Girls Club of America
    • The YMCA or YWCA
    • The Civil Air Patrol
    • The United States Olympic Committee
    • The Special Olympic Committee
    • The Campfire Boys/Girls
    • The 4-H Club
    • The Police Athletic League
    • Any other youth or charitable organization designated by the Secretary of Defense

Ineligible Requests/Events

Due to resource and legal constraints, the Maine National Guard is not able to provide support for every event. We cannot support:

  1. Fundraisers of any type, regardless of type or purpose
  2. Selective benefit, or appearance of selective benefit
  3. Events that are not open to the public
  4. For-Profit Organizations

Contact Information

Please contact the Maine Joint Operations Center if you have any questions about your request. You may reach us by phone at (207) 626-4429 or by clicking here to email us.