DL Regulations and References


Army Regulations

AR 25-2 Army Cybersecurity
AR 25-50 Preparing and Managing Correspondence
AR 350-1 Army Training and Leader Development Chapter 8, Appendix F
AR 350-52 Army Training Support System
AR 381-12 Threat Awareness and Reporting Program
National Guard Pamphlet / Regulations     
NGR 5-1 National Guard Grants and Cooperative Agreements
NGR 5-1 Chapter 55 Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program
NGR 350-1 Army National Guard Training
NGR 350-52-XX The ARNG Distributed Learning Program XX Xxxxx 2017  
NG Pam (AR) 37-1 Financial Management Guide for National Guard Executives
TRADOC Pamphlet / Regulations    
TRADOC Pam 350-70-12 Training and Education The Army Distributed Learning DL Guide
TRADOC Pam 525-8-2 The U.S. Army Learning Concept for Training and Education 2020-2040
TRADOC Reg 350-70 Training         Army Learning Policy and Systems
Other References    
Appendix 40 Army National Guard Distributed Learning (DL) Program November 1, 2015  
  ARNG Training Division Program Guide FY2014 March 6, 2014  
  Army National Guard Distributed Learning Field Guide January 15, 2002  
  DL Program    
DFAS-IN MANUAL 37-100-12  Append A The Army Management Structure August 1, 2011  
Directive-Type Memo (DTM) 09-026 Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-based Capabilities Change 4,               May 9, 2012  
  MEARNG DL OPLAN April 23 2019  
  MEARNG DL Standard Operating Procedures May 20, 2019  
  Cyber Tips DL Folder  
  Distributed Learning Program (DLP) Operations Plan (OPLAN) October 31 2018  
  Responsible Use of Internet-based Capabilities 25 Mar 2010    
  TAG Conference Room Basic Setup Guide    
Click Resource Use of Social Media Tools    
  USMEPCOM Admin I-CAT Signed Support Memo    
Click Resource Why VTC's    
Click Here U.S. Army Medical Dept Center (AMEDD)  
Click Resource Maine Army National Guard DL SOP May 20, 2019  
  Federal CACI SOP    
MDLC ACS Service Account Password Change 1    
MDLC Packing - Transportation Slip    
MDLC User Manual      
Request for MDLC Network Mobilization SEP 2013    
VMWare Service account password change    
MDLC Schematics      
MDLC Phase IV Audio Signal Path    
MDLC Phase IV Control Signal Path    
MDLC Phase IV Mobile Audio Path    
MDLC Phase IV Video Signal Path    
DLP Technical Bulletins    
National Guard Courseware, Satellite Schedule, Classroom Capabilities Distributed Learning Courseware Catalog    
Inter-agemcy Satellite Schedule http://getn.govdl.org/GETN_schedule.htm