Distributive Learning Center

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We are here to help answer your questions about Distance Learning. If there is a course you would like to enroll in and cannot find it through our Courseware page, feel free to contact the State Distance Learning Manager, Mr. Dave Nichols. Also, please remember to contact the area POC if you want to schedule a time to use the classroom technology.

Distributive Learning Center Staff
Mr. Jeff Rich    Augusta     207-430-5853
Mr. David Nichols    Bangor (AFRC)     207-430-6529
Mr. Thomas Neill    Bangor (RTI)     207-430-6151
Mr. James Coppenger     Lewiston     207-430-5486






               Locate Us                                                             What You Will Find

Augusta Armory 179 Western Ave   (12 seats, one instructor station)
Bangor Armed Forces Reserve Center AFRC 300 Hildreth Street N      (12 seats, one instructor station)
Bangor 240th RTI 289 Hildreth Street N   (24 seats, one instructor station) MLDC-L
Lewiston Armory  55 Alfred A Plourde Pkwy  (24 seats, one instructor station) MDLC