Army Music Proficiency Assessment

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About the Army Musician Proficiency Assessment

Below are some important points about the Army Audition. 

-         Part 2 instructs you to select a few musical selections of contrasting style, not to exceed 5 minutes total. This means, pick the appropriate number of songs, but only play the segment of that song which you feel best shows your ability.  About a minute or two per song. You may pick the intro, the middle or the end of the song. This is totally up to you.  If you are over the 5 minutes, it is not an issue if it allows you to show us your talents. Examples of “Contrasting” styles are, Marches, Concert band selections, Jazz band selection, fast technical passages, slow lyrical passages, Rock, Country, Blues, Swing, Dixieland, and Funk.  Picking challenging music is encouraged.


-         Part 3 is the quickly prepared section. This means that 24 hours before your audition, the unit will send you a small packet of music. This packet contains small segments of songs, maybe 8-32 bars each. The same idea of part two, showcasing only important parts of the song and not the whole thing.  Picture this as sight reading, only with 24 hours to prepare for it. The emphasis on this section is to show the unit that you have the basic ability to prepare music with short notice. You are not expected to play everything perfectly in this section.  The number of selections varies but it averages about 5-8. The style varies from marches to Jazz.


-         The Rubric shows the applicant how they will be scored. A minimum score of an 18 is required to pass. You must receive a score of an 18 before any additional points. If you score a 17 but receive 2 points for playing an additional instrument, you still do not pass.


For more questions about the Audition Process, please call SFC Richard Romanelli or SSG Jeremy Binette  at 207-430-5309/5311