195th Army Band

Requesting the 195th Army Band


The 195th Army Band is capable of supporting a wide range of events. We've performed in community concert series, rock band competitions, parades, sporting events, and all manner of civic events.

The 195th Army Band also provides support for numerous military functions, including recruiting, troop support, formal and informal gatherings, and military ceremonies.

To request support from the 195th Army Band for your event, visit Official Military Request  and complete the online form. You should also contact the Full Time staff at 207-430-5307 or 207-430-5309 with your request. You may also email your information to include your Name, Contact information and a brief description of your request to Email the 195th Army Band


Due to the nature of scheduling as a National Guard unit and a high volume of requests, we ask that you please submit your request in advance as soon as possible so that we may have the opportunity to properly process and schedule your request. Our availability is based on personnel.