May Drill Training

May 2-3 2020 is a remote drill, split- trains are an option if needed. Saturday will be unit focused tasks and Sunday most sections will conduct MOS-skill based training. Those small sections that are not MOS specific have online training to conduct both days. Sunday will also be used to catch up on all evaluations and counseling’s, record reviews are an option as well for those that need to complete it. As always, HHD will be online all weekend and available to handle any of your questions or concerns. All instructions for completing the online training is available below.


Instructions for May Drill Training

1 - Read all the below requirements.

2 - Fill out the "Confirmation Submission" form that notifies leadership that you understand the requirements and have started the training. Fill the form out only once!

3 - Complete the required training.

4 - Once you have completed the training, fill out the "Completed Training" form. This will notify leadership that you have completed the training.

Topic Hours Training Link Instructions / Check on Learning
Leadership check in / Accountability 0.5hrs Phone call Contact your leadership
Physical Training 1hrs Self Stay Safe!
ACFT Videos 0.5hrs YouTube Watch the ACFT Video!
DTS 101 1hrs Defense Travel Passport Link Instructions PDF (Read)
TDY Travel Policy Training 1hrs TDY Travel Training Instructions PDF (Read)
Government Travel Card Refresher Training 1hrs Travel Card Training Link

Travel Card Training Instructions PDF (Read)

Individually Billed Account Application PDF

GTC Statement of Understanding PDF

Safety Training 2hrs

The Accident Zone Training

Distracted Driving Brief PDF Training

The Accident Zone Questions (Send to Leadership once complete)

Distracted Driving Brief Questions (Send to Leadership once complete)

Ethics Training 1hrs Ft Gordon Ethics Training Link Once complete print certificate and send to Leadership
Family Readiness Group Worksheet 0.25hrs Link to worksheet Complete and send to Leadership
Leadership check in 0.5hrs Phone call Contact your leadership