Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management (DVEM)

The Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management coordinates and administers the discharge of Maine State Government's responsibility relating to military, veterans and civil emergency preparedness through the authorization, planning, provision of resources, administration, operation and audit of activities in these areas.

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Bureau of Veterans Services (BVS)

Maine Veterans' Services was established in 1947. The Bureau's main office is located at Camp Keyes in Augusta. The Bureau comes under the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management. In addition to the main office, the Bureau has six field service offices strategically located throughout the state and a claims office located at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Togus, Maine. The Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery system is also a part of the Bureau and consists of two cemeteries located in Augusta, one in Caribou and is undergoing the planning stages for development of one in Springvale.

The Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services provides:

Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

To lessen the effects of disaster on the lives and property of the people of the State through leadership, coordination and support in the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery

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Maine Military Authority (MMA)

To refurbish vehicles, equipment and component parts to factory new specifications (0 miles, 0 hours) utilizing cost effective and labor efficient methods that create quality jobs in Maine and achieve dramatic savings for our customers.

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