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Distance Learning Center


How do I schedule a video teleconference or find out rate information?


To schedule a Video Teleconference (VTC), Audio Conference, or request DL Classroom Space click on the appropriate link in the navigation pane. To find out rate information, visit the Contact Us page.

How many people can your classrooms accommodate?

Both Bangor and Augusta have 12 workstations and one instructor workstation for computer-based training. However, space would allow soldiers to double up on computers if necessary. Lewiston has 24 workstations, and 1 instructor workstation. The MDLC-L is locsated at the RTI and has 24 workstations with one instructor station. For video teleconferences or training not involving the workstations, the room capacity increases.

What types of training can be done there?

Virtually any computer-based or web-based training that you may require. For groups using unique software, the Distance Learning Staff will load your Windows compatible software for you. Note: we require a copy of the software at least two days prior to your event in order to do a test run. Video teleconferencing for training, meetings, and briefings are also common in the Distance Learning Centers.

Types of training include but are not limited to the following:

  • MOSQ Training
  • Collective Training
  • Individual Readiness Training
  • Professional Military Education
  • Full-Time Equivalent Training
  • Command and Control
  • Other

Can my organization connect employees at multiple sites in Maine to an out of state site?

Yes. Any of the three Distance Learning Centers can connect to each other, simultaneously for a meeting, or to other sites in the 54 states and territories capable of an IP connection.

Will the Distance Learning Centers provide an instructor for my group's training session?

The DL staff will provide technical assistance, such as installing software, setting up video teleconferences, and assistance using the features of the classroom. Your group or department must provide an instructor to teach the required material.

Can a representative from my organization visit the Distance Learning Center before scheduling a training session?

Absolutely. In fact, it is recommended. We would be glad to arrange a demonstration to meet your needs.

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