Distance Learning Classroom Policy
Military Bureau
Joint Force Headquarters, Maine National Guard
Camp Keyes, Augusta, Maine  04333-0033



MEARNG-DCSOPS-DL                                                                                                                                                     29 April 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                           DCSOPS-DL 14-01



SUBJECT:  Distance Learning Classroom Policy

  1. This is effective immediately. Unless sooner rescinded or superseded, this policy will expire on 30 September 2020.
  1. Our policies and guidelines are intended to insure consistent and effective operation of our entire Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP) Network and all of our Distance Learning Classroom sites (DLC) to include Audio Conferences.
  1. Locations:
    1. Lewiston Armory MDLC 24 computers workstations
    2. Augusta Armory  12 computer workstations
    3. Bangor Armed Forces Reserve Center 12 computer workstations
    4. Bangor 240th RTI MDLC 24 computer workstations
  1. Hours of Operation:
    1. Normal Hours 0700-1500.
    2. By Request 24-7.
  1. Contacts:
    1. David M. Nichols, (207) 430-6529 david.m.nichols3.nfg@mail.mil 
    2. Seth J. Tillotson, (207) 430-5647 seth.j.tillotson.mil@mail.mil
    3. James Coppenger (207) 430-5486 james.e.coppenger.mil@mail.mil
    4. Thomas J. Neill (207) 430-6151 thomas.j.neill6.mil@mail.mil
  1. How to Schedule Services, Request, Cancel, or Change Requests for Use:
    1. Complete and submit an online request for Audio Bridges, DL Classroom Use, or Video Tele-Conference Request (VTC) to the DL Manager of Site Manager.
  1. Military   Submit an online request located at our DL Website: https://me.joint.afpims.mil/dlc/  Click Audio- Classroom-VTC Request link from navigation pane at right. Google Chrome works best.
  1. DL SharePoint:  https://gko.portal.ng.mil/states/ME/LandCMD/G-3/Training-Branch/DL/SitePages/Home.aspx Use the Link in either the left side or top navigation bar. Google Chrome works best
  2. Civilian   A request in writing must be submitted to the DL Manager or the Site Administrator with pertinent information required for securing the reservation. We will require a valid request and an approved form of payment; cash, check, credit card, pre-approved government or company purchase order, or a pre-approved site charge account.
  3. To request use of the MDLC at a remote location (armory) a minimum of 15 working days would be required by NGB and State J6 to reconfigure the computer settings.
  1. Ensure you cancel your request if your plans change so that assets may be reallocated to others in need and we are not wasting our time on events that are not happening.
  1. Requests, changes, or cancellations may be made telephonically or email if time does not permit the online request.
  1. Be sure to include setup time, rehearsals, and any other time requirements.
  1. Emergency Requests: Emergencies that involve natural or state disasters will be processed through the Chain of Command (COC) to the Joint Operations Center (JOC).  The JOC will coordinate for bridging of Audio and Video Tele-conferencing as necessary.
  1. Request of Services and Support:  
  1. When submitting requests for Classroom use, VTC, or Audio Bridging, make a comment in the comments block if external support is required.
  2. Call a DL representative and ask for services.
  3. Coordinate for room access as well if technical support is not required.
  1. One of the keys to the successes of the DTTP is the Shared Usage concept. This allows Military and Civilian users to share in the utilization of classroom technologies and services at designated sites. However, some training sites can only be accessed by Military personnel, while Civilian users may access services and training available to the general public.  Long range planning by Units and Soldiers would maximize utilization of classroom technologies and services at our designated sites.
  1. Approved Media:   The use of thumb drives is strictly prohibited. DVD/CD’s are the only authorized media storage data transport devices that are authorized in advance by the Distant Learning Manager or authorized representative.
  1. Approved Software Only:   It is unauthorized to install or run any software programs on classroom workstations without prior approval from the Distant Learning Manager or authorized representative. This is absolutely forbidden. This requirement protects the DTTP Network and Classroom systems against any potential viruses, unauthorized access or system configuration changes.
  1. Visitors or Users:   All personnel that enter the classroom must sign in with the Site Administrator upon arriving at the DL Classroom. You may be required to present a signature or picture ID to confirm your identification. Signatures assist in the reporting of all activity and usage to NGB for the purpose of equipment replacement and upgrades.
  1. Unlawful Usage:   NO unlawful or unauthorized usage is allowed in conjunction with any DTTP services, equipment, or resources that are governed by national, state and local laws and regulations. Unlawful use includes making copies of the sites software, inappropriate use of the internet, removing any equipment from the classroom and general misuse of site resources.
  1. Eats and Drinks:   It is asked that you refrain from eating while inside the classroom. Covered beverages are authorized with caution. Accidents happen and we want to minimize equipment downtime to better serve you and to keep operating costs at a minimum.
  1. Quiet Time:   All our customers are entitled to utilize our services in an environment that is relatively quiet and free of unnecessary distractions. It’s asked that you do your part to ensure   that the expectations of others are met by providing them with a virtually sterile workspace.  Headsets are provided for all audio programming.
  1. Customer Satisfaction:   As a valued customer, we welcome your comments regarding our facilities, operation, services, equipment, and personnel. To help us identify ways to better serve your needs, please provide us with your comments.
  1.  Point of Contact for this policy is Mr. David Nichols, Distance Learning Manager (207) 430-6529.



                                                                                                                        Distance Learning Manager