The Maine National Guard is a professional organization of Soldiers and Airmen serving in all of the communities within the state of Maine. The Maine National Guard provides trained units to the nation equipped and ready to defend the United States and its interests all over the globe.
Like Maine itself, the Maine National Guard has the distinction of having existed as an organization prior to the existence of the United States itself. Maine was often at the frontlines of American history. As a consequence, Maine developed a population of strong-willed, independent, and innovative men and women. These men and women have always stepped forward to defend home and hearth, from 1642 until this very day.

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The Maine National Guard is in constant communication with the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and is taking all necessary steps to prepare our force, so we are able to support our communities if and when we are called upon.

Public Affairs Office

To contact the Public Affairs Office please contact: Major Carl J. Lamb

State Public Affairs Officer Maine Army National Guard (207) 430-5759